• Why Use Hockey Wax

    Wax increases the life of the tape and ultimatelyyour stick by preventing water from settling on the tape. The tack added to your stick makes handling the puck easy, allowing you to advance your skills.

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  • How Our Wax is Made

    Knox and Roman played a huge role in every step of developing Stinger Wax.

    Our wax is (and always will be) handmade using a blend of soft microcrystalline and Pennsylvania beeswax. 

    Up your game with Stinger Wax.

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  • The History of Hockey Wax

    For decades hockey players have used wax on their stick tape. In the 1990’s stick wax was nothing more than, and often literally nothing more than candles that were swiped from Mom.

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Meet Knox & Roman

Once upon a time, hockey became life for two young boys. Their hockey obsession, entrepreneurial spirit and an abundance of wax from their bees led to Stinger Hockey Wax.